Co-op Membership

All our work is directed and powered by our members. Members provide the financial support for the projects we do, and help make decisions about what work we pursue. If you'd like to see a better future in your community, we'd love to have you on-board.

Benefits of Membership

Voting Rights - Our members vote on the projects we pursue. If we're considering a new project, you'll be presented with a comprehensive outline of our plans. Member are given time to review projects, voice concerns, and cast a vote on the project. Each member gets one vote, projects need to have 60% member support before we'll start.

Early News - Be the first to know what's going on at Ioun Digital. Our member newsletter goes out regularly to keep members up to date on the work they're powering.

Service Discounts - Part of how we fund our projects is through the margins on our services. If you're already paying a membership, we figure you've done your share. All our services are then provided at cost.

More to come...

Join Today

There are four different membership options to choose from. Each earns you the same level of membership, simply choose based on your ability to support our work.