The Basics

Ioun Digital is a technology co-op working to improve digital equity in our community and provide support to other progressive organizations.

What We Do

Affordable Services for Progressive Organizations

Clear online communication and reliable tech systems are vital for effective organizing in today's world. We believe that these elements are fundamental to successful campaigns, and while some groups can get by on their own, it's hard to always have the knowledge and skills you need in your team. Our crew of professional designers, programmers, and technology specialists can help you work succeed by providing the tech backbone that you need.

Digital Access Equity and Education

As more and more of our economy and communication moves to the internet, we believe that access to digital resources is a fundamental right. Our crew works with community members and tech companies to provide access to digital resources for everyone, regardless of income level or location. In addition to working on access projects, we also offer one-on-one training in various tech fields, and facilitate classes for larger groups.

What is a Technology Co-op

Most of the time we consider technology a private good. You buy a computer, or a phone, and then you pay for your own internet access. We're taking a new approach. Rather than operating privately as a non-profit, we're functioning more like a co-op. By making a one-time donation, or setting up a subscription for ongoing support, you get membership in our co-op.

As a member, you get access to our decision making process, and insight into our upcoming events, classes, and news. When we're considering new projects, we'll put it to our community to help decide how we make use of the resources you've given us.

Our hope is this model will allow us to put your resources, and our knowledge, to good use at the will of the community. We'll work towards the solutions you see as important, and you can rest assured that the people handling the projects are skilled and invested in our communities future.

Want to support our work? Become a member today!